The Advantages of Our Portable Moving and Storage Options

Our services are designed to make moving or storing your items easy and stress-free.

We'll Beat Any Competitor

Please note: We only move units in the Sacramento Metro.


Available Container Sizes

20ft Container

This is the largest container on the market 20ft container fits 4-5 rooms.

20′ = 4-5 rooms (1,280 sq ft) - Measures 20’× 8’× 8′ - Offers approximately 1,280 cubic feet of interior packing space

16ft Container

Ideal for a 2-bedroom home,
or up to 1,200 sq ft

About the length of a standard parking spot and comparable to a 10'x15' storage unit or a 20' truck

12ft Container

Perfect for a 1-bedroom home, or a 500-800 sq. ft. space

Great for packing away things from 2 or 3 rooms. Compare to a 10'x10' storage unit or 15' truck

Compare Storage to You to 1-800-PACK-RAT, PODS®, ABF U-Pack, U-Haul,  ReloCubes® and Moving Truck Rental


Portable Moving Containers from Storage to you® are designed with you in mind. Discover how we beat the competition and provide you the best value to give you a better experience.

Larger 20ft Containers

We are proud to offer a 20-foot unit, while PODS® does not. Our largest container offers 29% more cubic feet of space than the largest container PODS® offers.

This means that when you choose Storage to you® over PODS®, you can enjoy 235 more cubic feet of storage – enough to fit six loveseats or another entire room of furniture! In some cases, you would need to rent two PODS® containers to move the same amount of valuables you could move in just one Storage to You® container.

More Storage Savings

Not only does Storage to you® offer more space, but we also offer more savings! Instead of renting multiple PODS® containers, you can save money by renting one 20-foot portable storage container from us.

You will save on rental, storage, and delivery fees, paying less per cubic foot than you would with our competitors. In addition, many of our locations allow you to rent portable containers on a weekly basis, as opposed to having to rent for a full month.

More Portable Storage Space

While most of our customers require only a single 20-foot unit to move their home, we do also offer 16-foot and 12-foot containers.

However, even those units contain more cubic space than the 12-foot and 16-foot units PODS® offers. Based on internal container dimensions, our 16-foot container offers 31 more cubic feet of space than a PODS® 16-foot container. Barn-style doors on 90% of containers providing greater security & more packing space

Take Your Time + We'll Drive

Moving stuff into storage shouldn’t take an entire weekend. The great news is that now it doesn’t have to. Storage to You® eliminates the need for driving by delivering a sturdy, steel-framed, weather-resistant container to your door. 

We give you all the time you need to load it, then we pick it up and drive it to one of our secure storage facilities where we keep it until you need it again. Then we drive it back to you. Does your local self-storage facility do that? We didn’t think so. We save you time and money the hassle

Move It or Store It

If you're not ready to move into your new place, we would be happy to store it at one of our storage facilities until the time is right. The last thing you want to do is add stress to the moving process by unloading into a storage unit only to reload back into a truck and unload it again later. We can help you move only once.

why Choose Us...

We make Storage and moving easy and convenient. When you rent a storage unit from StoragetoYou, you have the freedom to keep it as long as you want and where you want. 


The most weatherproof, corrugated steel containers on the market


All-steel container prevents moisture absorption hindering mold and mildew


A free no-cut security lock and $10,000 in contents protection with long-distance moves


We are committed to customer service — moving should be exciting, not stressful.


Leave the driving to us! Avoid the hassle of driving an unfamiliar, oversized vehicle.


The interiors are designed to give you optimal packing space to use the full container.


Ground-level loading and unloading make packing and unpacking so much easier.


Our customer-centric pricing makes it easy for you to keep the container longer.

Moving With a Container is So Simple

You can move on your schedule. If you like to take your time, make sure you're only moving things you want to keep, and pack around your schedule without the hustle — then container moving is the solution you've been looking for.


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What Clients Say

Used this company when I was moving last year. Customer service was exceptional, delivery employees were awesome (they were super considerate when dropping the truck not to clip our huge cypress overhanging our sloped driveway and were super friendly too!).

The unit was like new and clean! I have recommended them to friends and a family member.

Sarah Francois-Bouton

We had rented two containers for an extended period of time while waiting for our new home.

Had to make changes last minute due to new closure date. Eva was very understanding and accommodating and kept me up to date and took care of delivery and pick up seamlessly.

I would use this service again!

Amy Leung

We rented a 20 foot and a 16 foot. They were perfect for everything we had. Eva was simply amazing. She made every call I had with her very pleasant. The gentleman that delivered the Storage to You container was awesome. I was so nervous as he loaded & unloaded the containers with all my furniture in it, but he took his time and placed the container's gently into our driveway.

Christina Skinner

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We'll Beat Any Competitor

Please note: We only move units in the Sacramento Metro.